Bayan Investment Holding Company is a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company – Public, established in 1997 according to the articles of incorporation issued by the Real Estate Registration & Authentication Department of Ministry of Justice and the Commercial License issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry– State of Kuwait, with the aim of doing the following objectives:

  1. Invest in shares, membership interests, or investment units in Kuwaiti or foreign companies or funds, establish and manage subsidiaries companies or own membership interests in Kuwaiti or foreign companies and lending to such companies and guaranteeing their obligations towards third parties.
  2. Management of its subsidiary companies or participation in the management of other companies in which the Company is a stakeholder and providing the necessary support to these companies.
  3. Investing its assets in the trading of shares, bonds and other securities
  4. Owning real estate and movable property necessary to carry out its operations within the limits permitted under the law.
  5. Financing or lending to companies in which the Company holds shares or membership interests and guaranteeing their obligations towards third parties. In such case, the share of the Company in the capital of the borrowing company shall be no less than twenty percent.
  6. Owning intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, concession rights and other such intangible rights and exploiting them and licensing them to its subsidiaries or third parties, whether inside or outside the State of Kuwait.
  7. Utilization of surplus available at the company by investing it in financial and real estate portfolios, managed by specialized companies and agencies in favor of the Company.

The Company may carry out directly or indirectly all the above activities inside the state of Kuwait or abroad. The Company may also have an interest in or participate in any manner with the other bodies of similar engagements or that may cooperate to achieve the Company’s objectives inside or outside the State of Kuwait, and may establish or partner or purchase these bodies or append it to the Company.

From the onset, Bayan took off in accordance with a long term strategic plan which aims at developing and increasing its capabilities, resources as well as shareholders equities, in addition to diversifying sources of income and activities and the quality of its investments.

Despite all the challenges faced throughout the period of Bayan’s establishment, the results are encouraging. Bayan’s star continues to shine in the skies of Financial Services Sector.

And in crowning the efforts exerted by the company’s management and staff, and with the support of its shareholders and clients, Bayan was enlisted into the Boursa Kuwait in 2003, giving the opportunity to all to participate and benefit from its inexhaustible gifts, and by the end of 2021, the Company has changed its commercial name to Bayan Investment Holding Company, stepping forward to achieve its future outlook aiming towards expansion and diversification in the activity.

Bayan’s management is supervised by a board of directors consisting of Kuwaiti businessmen assisted by a group of professional and competent managers and staff that have excellent practical knowledge in assets management and investments, whereas Bayan Investment Holding Company is continuously seeking to attract excellent local and Arabian capabilities from those with numerous achievements in the world of Business and Finance.