Our Objectives

BAYAN INVESTMENT CO. a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company- Public, established in 1997, however the commercial name and objectives were changed at the end of year 2021 to become BAYAN INVESTMENT HOLDING CO., a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company – Public, for the purpose of performing the activities and objectives as set in its Articles of Association.

Our Performance

During the past years, the Bayan Investment Holding Company has expanded its investment goals and modernized its strategic plans in order to obtain the best investment opportunities with better returns and also to achieve the following strategic goals:

  1. Contributing in economic development of the country through better performance in the field of investment.
  2. Developing its financial resources through good investments.
  3. Achieving acceptable average rate of return for the company’s shareholders.
  4. Contributing in increasing the role of private investment companies in developing and modernizing financial instruments for the local market.